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Narinder Kaur Spicy Walls

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Narinder Kaur, who appeared in Big Brother in 2001. Narinder has been married for seven years but the 28-year-old Geordie says she was "looking for a snog" when she went into the Big Brother House. She says she is an expert Indian cook.

Narinder was the third housemate to be booted out of the Channel 4 show. And the married medical rep - who got 62 per cent of viewers' votes - erupted in a torrent of abuse about her housemates. In a four-letter tirade, she slammed Bubble and Josh and said Dean was boring.

But she said of best pal Brian: "It was so hard in that house and Brian saved me. I think Brian or Elizabeth will win." Her eviction allowed Paul to escape the axe for the second of his great escapes. Narinder who had a string of bust-ups with fellow contestants - leapt in the air screaming and smiling as host Davina McCall broke the news.

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