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Bollywood stars' sexiest pics 2008

Shooting photos of Bollywood's most beautiful seems like the sort of life's work that one might like to reflect upon. So we caught up with ace photographer Jayesh Sheth -- who is probably best known for his famous shots of film legend Rekha -- and asked him to comment on a few of his latest and favourite photographs.

Here, he shares his thoughts on these shots, in no particular order [look out for more sizzling pictures tomorrow]:

Jiah Khan

Jiah first came to me from London, and told me that she wanted to have her portfolio done. But she had so much baby fat on her that I asked her to lose the weight and come see me after a year's time. Exactly six months later, she returned with a properly toned body!
During the shoot, I was shocked, because she was posing for the first time, but was still so comfortable and bold in front of the camera. Perhaps her UK upbringing accounts for such confidence!

With this photograph, Jiah got her first movie with Mahesh Bhatt.
Riya Sen

I feel Riya has innocent face. But, for this shoot, I wanted bit of mischief in the innocence, so I started teasing her, talking to her about general things like "Who is the man in your life?" and all that kind of stuff. So she was getting irritated and making faces when I started clicking her photographs.
Also, Riya said that she wanted to pose, but I told her that she couldn't, because she didn't know her body that well. That's when she took it up as challenge and asked, "If Rekha can pose for you, why not I?" When she started posing, I got this second picture. Riya is totally in awe of Rekha.
Raima Sen

Raima is camera shy. She is a great performer, but when facing the camera for a photo shoot, she's just not comfortable. I remember Juhi Chawla and Tabu also had the same problem.
I had to convince Raima that she should pretend to act while I was taking her shots. If she was wearing a very revealing costume or dress, I told her to think like a socialite and to show that attitude on her face. After that, I could get her to pose for me very easily.
Aliya Shah

I met Aliya when I was looking for a girl to shoot my album Tum He Humari Manzil Ho My Love. She is from Kathmandu, and has done hotel management, but wants to be an actress. She has done a few ads, small roles in films and TV. Aliya has very toned body and a beautiful, innocent face. She is honing her skills and has just joined salsa classes.
Amrita Rao

Due to her modelling days, Amrita is very photogenic and camera friendly. This shoot was done around the time of Vivaah. Like Rekha, Amrita knows exactly how to pose or how much hair should come on her face while shooting. Amrita is versatile: she is the girl next door, plus she can be sexy.
Bhairavi Goswami

I have known Bhairavi for long time and she always kept on telling me to shoot her photographs. But one day, I felt that she has the sex appeal that Mallika Sherawat has, or maybe even better, as Mallika's body language is appreciated in just one or two films, like Mani Ratnam's Guru.

Bhairavi has terrific body language, but her flaw is that she doesn't know herself quite well. She is too self-conscious. She felt that her legs were not toned. So when I shot, I concentrated on her neckline, jaw line and her pout. The pictures that came out were brilliant!

As she was conscious, I played music and let her be as she was. We did not follow any poses as such, we shot randomly.

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