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Celina Jaitley-The new age Sex Goddess!


adjective 'sexy' fixed before her. She surely does justice to the word. Right from her sexy 'come hither' eyes, her perky full bosom her sexy curvy butt, her shapely thighs and her curvy figure make her look like a sex bomb that can stop a train dead at its tracks!

No matter h0w many how many Celina Jaitley picture you see..you just can't have enough. Celina is blessed with hot curves. She is one girl whose sexiness can appeal to the classes and masses.
Whether in a saree, a lingerie or a sexy pair of butt hugging jeans, she still can heighten the pulse rate.

Most men have openly mentioned that she dominates their fantasies. Celina's bare dare exposure adds fuel to their fantasies. Celina likes to play it naughty, she knows that men swoon at her and women are envious about her breath-taking figure. Celina likes to wear revealing outfits that flaunt her shapely cleavage and breasts without any qualms. She is known to wear bold outfits not just for film shoots but also at public functions, press meets and advertising campaigngs like Nokia or MTV. Of course, it makes for a great copy and lot of Celina Jaitley sexy pictures getting updated on forum sites, newspapers and blogs regularly. A hot Celina Jaitley wall paper is a common thing to see.

Celina's views on exposure and sex: Celina Jaitley is perfectly okay with glamorous and sexy pictures. Celina has no qualms about exposing her curves and cleavage because she believes it is an important part of being glamorous. There is no harm in showing it if you have the right goods. Celina Jaitley however does not believe in vulgar exposure. The Celina Maxim cover exposure was one of the hottest covers where she looks erotic even in dirty and grime. That's the signature sexuality of a true diva!

Celina's views on sex: Sex according to her is a biological necessity and there is no reason for anyone to feel ashamed or shocked. Celina says that it is important to talk about it and do not keep it under wraps. Celina appreciates honesty and detests hypocrisy. People who feel offended should see how true they are to themselves, she says. According to her, sexual chemistry and intimacy is a crucial part of a romantic relationship.

Celina Jaitley's exposure in movies: Coming from a modelling background and having a
broad minded outlook, Celina has no qualms about exposing her body. Whether it is
showing an abundant view of her generous cleavage or shaking her shapely butt in front
of the camera, she is game for it. In fact Celina wore a bikini in her second movie
Janasheen thrilling the front benchers.

In fact, Celina Jaitley and Mallika Sherawat are the two women who have showed the maximum cleavage in public and in movies. It seems right because both of them are blessed with an enviable cleavage and a perky set of you know what!. .

Celina's chemistry chords with her admirers and leave them
ogling, fumbling and gasping for more.

The secret to Celina's enviable figure: Celina drinks a lot of water, eats well and right and excercises regulary. In other words Celina follows the simple law of maintaining health. Celina says binging is not her scene and she is happy with hercurves and healthy food. Celina maintains that Anyone can have a sexy figure or hot body, if one learns to respect one's body, maintain it and do not abuse it.

Celina's assets:
Celina Jaitley has a sexy cute derriere. Celina has worked her ass off to get such a hot shapely ass. Of course, she is stylish enough to wear outfits to compliment her naughty perky behind.

Celina's eyes: Celina Jaitley's radiate her sex appeal. Her eyes literally talk to you. Her eyes have that seductive "I know what you are thinking of look." Her sultry smile accentuates the beauty of her eyes.

Celina's breasts: . Celina Jaitley's assets are shapely and full without looking obscene. Celina's mersmerizing cleavage is a trademark of her hot bod. On sexometer, we give her a neat 8 out of 10.

Check out Celina's peek-a boo act where she reveals something more than just her thighs!

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